Fauci warns Tennessee and others to stem coronavirus trends, saying ‘we just can’t afford’ another surge

stem coronavirus trends
stem coronavirus trends

One of the most celebrated experts, the chief of the National Institutes of Health’s infectious-diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, expressed his concerns over the rising Coronavirus positive cases. 

The weekly highest average for new cases was 65,083 as reported on Monday.The 24hours average number of hospitalizations are around 57,000, the April highest being 59,940.

Keeping the data in consideration, Fauci, in ABC’s “Good Morning America” warned the states of Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky to get a hold on the surging COVID 19 cases, as the country would not be able to face surges anymore, especially the pace that was seen in Texas, Arizona, Florida and California.

According to Fauci, masks, maintaining the social distancing, avoiding large public gatherings, especially in places where the virus spread is high, washing and sanitizing hands regularly can help handle the situation.

Commenting on the States’ reopening schedule, Fauci said “We would hope that (states) all now rethink at what happens when you don’t adhere to that,”

Across United States, more than Twenty Seven states have agreed to either take back or pause their plans of reopening.

With the infection being asymptomatic now, detection and cure has become even more challenging now. Measures are being taken, and the people are being requested to adhere to the medical guidelines to stop the pandemic from getting worse.

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