Social Security 2023: Revised Payments For All Eligible Americans

Social Security

There will be two additional Social Security payments this month after the first two for May were already distributed. The SSA determines when to send you your payment based on your birthday and the length of time you have been receiving Social Security.  The SSA makes its payments in waves throughout the month. Find out more about the requirements and deadlines. 

The payment schedule is different if you started receiving benefits before 1997 May or even if you have received both SSI and Social Security. 

Apply For Your Social Security Payments

You will now get your Social Security payment on the third business day of each month as opposed to a Wednesday. Each month’s SSI payment is distributed on the first working day. Workers who meet the SSDI’s eligibility requirements and are unable to work due to a serious disease or impairment get monthly disability benefits. These circumstances are anticipated to persist for at least a year or cause the beneficiary’s death. 

Benefits are paid to older, handicapped, or blind employees depending on their prior earnings. The money is used to recompense disabled employees and the members of their dependant families.  

The first SSDI was given to people who had been receiving these checks since 1997. This has an impact on those who get SSI benefits as well.

On Tuesday, May 10, those with birthdays that fall between the first and tenth of the month will receive their issues. The third term of SSDI is released on May 17. Additionally, it is based on birthdays.