Inside Damian Lillard’s NBA Legacy With The Trail Blazers

Damian Lillard

On the Trail Blazer bench near the baseline runs Lillard Jr. towards his father wearing a Adidas tracksuit and hugs his father like he is hugging a tree. Damian Lillard, the father lifted his son as the cameras runs to capture the moment. The stands are almost empty, and after completing his pre-match interview, the legendary NBA player retires to his bench to watch his colleagues warm up.

Damian Lillard brings his son to his office as much as possible. However, the son is very possessive of his father. He ward off strangers who approach the legend for an autograph or to talk with him. He also accompany his father for his late-night workouts. Damian Lillard always takes his son to games, and keeps him as close as possible because he knows that even though NBA gives a lot, it takes a lot away from you too.

Damian is incredibly attentive to his child as he knows that players often turn into absentee husbands, and fathers due to their commitment to their clubs and the hectic schedules of the game.

Damian Lillard Keep Son Close To Him:

Back in December, the Lillard’s Trail Blazers were facing off the Denver Nuggets a couple of days before Christmas. A day prior to that game, the temperatures dropped exponentially causing to cancel more than five hundred flights, and the players were unsure if they could get back in time.

However, Lillard was determined that his children Lillard Jr and twins Kali and Kalii will wake up to his face in the Christmas morning. Damian Lillard thus arranged a standby persona jet. However, the team plane finally took flight and he didn’t had to avail that private jet service. But the club knew Damian Lillard was determined to get back to home to his family for Christmas.