FB Estimated To Post An EPS Of $4.02 For 2022 Q1


Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) got their EPS estimate for Q1 2022 boosted by Wedbush on 29th April, Thursday. Y. Arounian, the analyst of Wedbush, now predicts a $4.02 EPS for the current quarter which is an increase from the previous $2.94.

Detailed Overview Of FB Stock

Wedbush has issued a rating of “neutral” with a price objective of $355 for the stock. The firm estimates that FB will post an EPS of $17.10 for FY2023.

Several analysts have given their reports on the FB stock. Cowen increased their objective price to $360 from $350 while issuing a rating of “outperform” on 21st April, Wednesday. Jefferies Financial Group re-issued its rating of “buy” while setting a target price of $385 on Thursday, 29th March. Morgan Stanley upped their price target to $375 from $345 while issuing a rating of “overweight” on Thursday. Truist increased its objective price to $400 from $350 on Thursday. Lastly, Canaccord Genuity increased its price target to $380 from $350 while issuing a rating of “buy” on Thursday.

On Monday, the FB stock opened with a value of $325.08. The moving average over 50 days for the stock stands at $296.12 while that for 200 days is $276.80. The lowest and highest of the stock over a year stands at $198.76 and $331.81 respectively. The market capitalization value of the firm stands at $925.72B with a 1.18 beta. The latest earnings were posted on 28th April, Wednesday. An EPS of $3.30 was reported, overshooting the $2.36 general estimate.

Jennifer Newstead, the VP, sold off 429 shares on 9th February, Tuesday at a $267.25 average price per share. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, sold off 68000 FB shares on 26th April, Monday at a $303.21 average price per share.

ProShare Advisors LLC, Venture Visionary Partners LLC, Proem Advisors LLC, Halbert Hargrove Global Advisors LLC, and Youngs Advisory Group Inc. all increased their stakes in FB. 

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