Michigan Repeals Abortion Ban Of 1931


On Wednesday the Michigan Senate voted to repeal a 1931 abortion ban from state law. Voting along party lines, the Senate voted 20-18 to approve legislation that would remove criminal penalties associated with the 1931 ban. The Michigan Houe, where Democrats also hold a majority, voted in favor of similar bills last week

Michigan’s 1931 abortion law, which had not been enforced for decades while Roe v. Wade was in effect, carried a four-year felony for those who performed abortions. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is expected to sign legislation that repeals the 1931 ban from state law, if and when that legislation arrives on her desk. Michigan Attorney Dana Nessel applauded the vote calling it a victory for Michiganders. 

Michigan Took A Huge Action

The repeal of this antiquated law is a victory for millions of Mich. residents who, like him, value bodily integrity and personal freedom. said Nessel that he is also very grateful that their legislators are listening to the will of the voters who passed Proposition 3 in the past fall with overwhelming support.

The people of the star can rest assured that their elected officials will not sit idly by in the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned and will fight to ensure that residents’ health, safety, and wellbeing are safeguarded from harmful legislation said Nessel. Proposal Three which seeks to cement abortion rights into the Mich. Constitution, passed with 57% support from voters last November.

Republican senators voiced opposition to the repeal legislation on Wednesday. The law in question is often described as the state’s 1931 abortion ban because that’s when it was last updated as part of a larger overhaul of criminal statuses. However, the prohibition originated more than 170 years ago, before civil law.