FBI Special Agent Eduardo Valdivia Found Not Guilty Of Attempted Murder

Eduardo Valdivia

As stated by the attorney of the state for Montgomery County, FBI special agent Eduardo Valdivia who wounded a traveler on the Metro train inside the Washington, region in Dec 2020 was declared not convicted of attempted homicide as well as other associated counts by a jury of Maryland on Friday.

Robert Bonsib one of the attorney for the FBI special agent Eduardo Valdivia told the media outlets that it was a case that should never enter the courtroom. He said that the jury have always seen it as they were telling it from the very first moment. They were as certain as the agent and the team of attorneys that it was in fact self-defense.

After the judgment, Montgomery County State’s lawyer John McCarthy stated that Eduardo Valdivia’s actions were what ultimately led him to decide to press charges.

FBI Special Agent Eduardo Valdivia Found Not Guilty Of Murder:

According to CNN, mostly on morning of 15 Dec, 2020, Valdivia was traveling to office when he reportedly got into the verbal argument with a guy on a Red Line train prior to the bullets were fired.

As the Metrorail vehicle approached Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, the Transit Police reported that video surveillance of the event revealed an adult person nearing Eduardo Valdivia. After exchanging verbal blows, Valdivia repeatedly fired his gun, according to the Transit Police.

In trial, the prosecution claimed that when the other passenger requested Valdivia for cash as the agent refused, the guy walked away yelling expletives. Eduardo Valdivia advised the individual to control his speech. Prosecutors claim that the second passenger turned around and moved closer to Valdivia after the FBI agent’s reaction, leading to the firing of two rounds.