FEC Trying To Make Campaigning Easier For Federal Candidates


Starting in 2024, federal election candidates will have it easier to spend campaign funds. These funds are used to pay salaries and other expenses. The new rules were approved on Thursday by FEC regulators.

The changes were approved 5 to 1 by FEC regulators. It is expected to help ensure that even Americans of modest resources can muster up the resources to launch election campaigns for the White House and Congress, claimed its proponents.

Early in 2023, several candidates spoke out about the financial adversities they faced as they participated in the election process. This has led to rich candidates having an unfair advantage at the outset. Candidates who complained of having it tough include Maxwell Frost. This candidate from Florida became the first candidate from Gen Z to make it to the House of Representatives.

The FEC Has Considered The High Expenses Of The Federal Election Campaign Before Taking The Decision

The Democrat was forced to work as a ride-hailing driver while he went about campaigning to be elected. His financial condition deteriorated to the extent that he was denied applying for an apartment by a Washington landlord as he had a bad credit record.

Shana Broussard, the FEC Commissioner, and a Democrat, said that new FEC rules will encourage the working class and other ordinary Americans to come forward into the election process to campaign for their communities and run for federal offices.

The FEC Commissioner said that campaigning for federal offices should never be the sole domain of the rich. She said that the campaigning process was expensive at the federal level. The FEC Commissioner also spoke about the continual commitment it takes to make a serious run for office.

The FEC earlier allowed federal candidates to utilize campaign money to pay their salaries. However, there have been strict limits to prevent misuse of donor funds. The salaries were mostly linked to the candidate’s earlier income before they ran for office.