Melania Trump Opens Up On Her Citizenship Journey

Melania Trump
Melania Trump

Melania Trump made a rare appearance in public at the most unlikely of places. Speaking to new citizens at a US citizenship naturalization ceremony, the former first lady exhorted them to stand their ground, be proud, and grab every opportunity that comes their way.

The former model, born in Slovenia, has been keeping low since her husband stepped down from the presidency. Last month Melania Trump made another rare appearance to attend the memorial service of Rosalynn Carter, the wife of former president Jimmy Carter. During the Washington ceremony, Melania Trump reminisced about the time she finally got her citizenship in 2006. She recalled feeling an overwhelming sense of belonging and pride.

Melania Trump Spoke Of The Challenges Of Getting Through The Citizenship Process

Melania Trump shared with the audience her experience of going through the challenging task of making it through the migration process. It said it made her aware of the hard realities of the whole process and how everyone, including those in the audience, faced to finally become citizens of the United States.

Donald Trump is again in the race to become the American president. It is his third run, and going by his account, he should have been the US president on two successive terms. He continues to believe that the 2020 results were a farce and the presidency was stolen from him.

Donald Trump has staked much of his political career in going after immigrants and making it double difficult for them to go through the process. So the presence of Melania Trump has led to speculation among political and has also peeved interest as prosecutors have accused Donald Trump of illegally withholding papers.

The meeting venue attended by Melania was the Washington National Archives. The choice of the venue has also sparked renewed interest. Donald Trump faces charges of withholding classified papers that belonged to this particular facility. Melania Trump was invited by Collen Shogun, who was at the White House when Melania Trump was the first lady.