Fetty Wap Accused With Drug Peddling Charges

Fetty Wap
Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap is a renowned rapper in America. He has an interest in several fields. Apart from being a fantastic rapper, Wap also is an amazing singer. Fetty has also composed a few songs that were liked by her fans significantly. His ticket to fame was his initial release “Trap Queen”. 

The popularity of the album earned him lucrative contracts with Atlantic Records & 300 Entertainment. Trap Queen made quite a buzz and soared to the second position in US Billboard Hot 100. Fetty Wap seems to be in a great deal of trouble at the moment. He would most probably be spending the rest of his years in jail. 

The rapper has been found guilty of the peddling of banned substances. As per the records of the police, Wap has been an active member of a huge drug circle. This could spell some serious danger for the artist. Let us take a closer look at the incident below. 

Fetty Wap Exposed With Drugs 

A recent operation has left the fans and audiences shocked. As per reports, rapper Fetty Wap has been associated with a major drug circle. The news of this association was confirmed by the police on Thursday. A thorough investigation was conducted before arresting Wap. 

The investigating officers revealed some shocking truth. They found the rapper guilty of importing more than 100kgs of illegal drugs. The drugs included deadly substances like cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl. He was found to conduct his business in the Long Islands. Wap lured individuals to buy the substances from him. 

A total of six individuals were arrested in this case. Fetty Wap was taken in by the police amidst a music event at Citifield. He was produced at the court where he was denied bail. Police expressed their concerns about the development. They stated that the association of a star shows how deeply rooted the branches of crime are at present.