Few States About To Issue Stimulus Check Payment

stimulus check
Stimulus Check

During the coronavirus pandemic, the only point of happiness was the stimulus check payments that the government has been issuing to its citizens.

As it has been well-documented, the federal government in the United States did issue multiple stimulus payments to the citizens throughout 2020 and 2021. But as it turns out, that was the last of the payments from the federal government’s perspective. While the problem of unemployment had been solved, the ensuing inflation made it necessary for some form of welfare for the citizens- which the states decided to issue. There have been several states that have been delivering state tax rebates to assist the citizens during this period. 

Stimulus Check Payments In The States Of Maine and New Jersey

In the state of Maine, a new Stimulus Check Payment is in the works. This Payment can be issued to only those individuals who have been citizens of this state and are permanent residents as well. They must have also filed for their tax return of 2021 by 31st October 2022. This payment was called the Winter Energy Relief Payment. The announcement for this payment dictated that if the gross annual income of an individual was within the set limits, then the payment would be issued to them no later than the 31st of March 2023.

In the state of New Jersey, it was announced that the ANCHOR Tax Relief Program would be issuing a sum of $1500 to all the residents of New Jersey who had their own homes in 2019- complete with an annual income of $150000 or less in 2023. According to the state tax guide, every qualifying resident of the state would receive a sum of $500 for every ITIN holder ascribed.