The Empire State Child Tax Credit Need To Be Increased And Where It Stands

Child Tax Credit
Child Tax Credit

New York residents whose income is poor and low and only exist via food stamps received massive aid when Congress decided to increase aid via food stamps. It helped families survive the pandemic’s worst days while enduring the work stoppages, lockdowns, and surge in cases. However, with those schemes coming to an end, the state’s legislators can still help via the Empire State Child Tax Credit (ESCC).

The Child Tax Credit Can Be A Godsend

The SNAP program’s final payments have already gone out. As such, enrolled families and seniors are confronting a probable hunger cliff with the payouts for the coming months being significantly lower. The monthly decrease ranges from $90 to a massive $250 for quite a few households.

Nevertheless, this insecurity over food can be dealt with by an expanded Empire State Child Tax Credit. As per research conducted on it, over 90% of the recipient families claimed the extra financial aid was spent on basic requirements such as utilities, rent, clothing, school supplies, and food.

Fortunately, quite a few bills are being considered that can see an expanded Empire State Child Tax Credit. Bill S.00771/A.2464 can see a permanent expansion to the ESCC, putting at $1000 for each child below 4 years as well as $500 for each child older than 4 and younger than 17.

The expansion would also see eligibility requirements be more favorable for families with the lowest income. It would eliminate any minimum income threshold for the credit. However, the maximum income threshold will remain as usual. Namely, $75000 for households with a single head and $110000 for married or joint filers will be the maximum income that will let the taxpayers be eligible for this credit.