Forest Blakk Opened Up About His Safe Space For The First Time

Forest Blakk

Canadian Singer Forest Blakk, started his career in the music industry in 2015, with his first hit ‘love me’. And it ranked 34th among the hot adult contemporary on the Billboard charts. For the first time in a long ti,e he has opened up about his past.

Forest Blakk Had A Traumatic Childhood

Like many other artists in the glamour industry, Forest Blakk did suffer in his childhood. He shares his past memories and claims them to be ‘tumultuous’, he feels it totally signifies his state.

Forest Blakk’s biological father sold him to his stepfather for 10 grams of cocaine. And his step-grandma, rescued him. His biological father was never really a dad to him, he was just trying to be a father figure in his life, the support he deserved never really got it. Forest Blakk’s father was a gangster and he literally grew up witnessing guns and violence, and as a kid who has witnessed such, he sufferers from different kinds of trauma than others.

His step-grandma rescued him from every kind of trauma and her presence was soothing, after the chaos he has gone through for 15 years. Then he found his new passion with a guitar in his nana’s basement.

Forest Blakk pays tribute to his nana every time he gets a chance to do so. He faced a lot of hiccups on his way to the top, with his girlfriend cheating on him, and living in a car in LA. In that hopeless situation, he released “If you love her” which reached over 310 million streaming worldwide.

Forest Blakk, who grew up in Montreal with no love or affection from his parents, gave the best advice on love and showed us ‘little gestures’ shape the love story. You don’t need big things to celebrate love. His fiance Tooley Jones has painted his life with color, and before it was black and white.