Fort Lee Creates History

fort lee

It is a huge step for the US Army to change the name of Fort Lee. 

They are going to honor two of the army men in the process. Perhaps showing huge respect towards black army men. They are establishing an agenda of all being equal. The whole world witnessed the injustice to George Flyod. This might be a small yet huge step for the United States of America.

Previously it was named after  Gen. Robert E. Lee. The military base is in Virginia. The base will be renamed to two Confederate servicemen.

Changing The Name Of Fort Lee Shows National Progress

The fort will be named after Lt. Gen Arthur Gregg and Lt. Col. Charity Adams. They also announced it via Twitter. Fort Lee will be renamed Fort Gregg Adams. Arthur Gregg is the only person alive whose name will be installed at Fort Lee. Both Arthur Gregg and Charity Adams served in World War II. 

Us army wrote on Instagram they are proud to rename Fort Lee after these two heroes. They further wrote Arthur Gregg and Charity Adams excelled on the battlefield. Sacrificing their own lives to provide for the nation. They made significant contributions to the nation. The Twitter post said.

They shined not only as Soldiers of the United States but also as civilians. Fort Lee authorities and the US Army are honored to repay their service. Renaming is not remotely not close to what they have done for the freedom of America. Arthur Gregg served in the army for 36 glorious and heroic years.

By installing his name at Fort Lee the US Army is creating history. Charity Adams was the first black women’s auxiliary corps. She served overseas during world war II.