Thousands of Israelis Protest Against Netanyahu, Two Meters Apart

Thousands of protesters gathered at Rabin square in Tel Aviv on Sunday evening to protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But proper social distancing measures were imposed by the Israeli government.

As many as 2,800 spots were marked with ‘X’ every 2 meters for protesters to stand. According to the rally organizers, protesters increased in number towards the end of the rally.

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Protesters were seen with Israeli and black flags to mark the Prime Minister’s attack on the democratic system of the country.

Wearing masks and maintaining social distance were mandatory for the protestors. Although Rabin square is capable of holding thousands of people, the area had no space by the end of the day.

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One of the banners held up by a protester read “I will not be quiet because my country has changed its face.”

In Israel, lockdown restrictions were relaxed appropriately this week. However, demonstrators were allowed to protest by maintaining government guidelines.

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Shikma Shwarzmann, the protest organizer commented that he expected the coronavirus cases to grow by leaps and bounds. Instead, the country is witnessing a growth among protesters who are willing to fight and protect the country.