Fortnite Leak Suggests Helicopters Will Be Severely Limited

Another Fortnite data leak shows that helicopters with 1500 HP are coming in the following update. However, there’s a trick.Fortnite has had a few in-game clues that it may be adding helicopters to the fight royale. A few helicopter pads litter the guide, and photographs including helicopters at the Grotto area have circulated. The latest information release coming from Fornite data-digger @spedicey1 on Twitter exposed a new update that may show up before the expected time as tomorrow.

Figuring out the entirety of the files, Spedicey1 revealed that the helicopter’s code name was “Hoagie.” Fortnite has coded a portion of their mystery things previously and given the code name a similar first letter as the thing to be discharged. The affirmation of the helicopter came before today from Spedicey1’s Twitter, revealing further insights regarding the vehicle.

Spedicey1 also uncovered that the helicopter’s wellbeing would maximize at 1500 HP much more than speed pontoons, which maximize at 800 HP. In previous seasons, gamers were able to associate with planes–and even robots–that flew for a couple of moments. However, the plane is the main vehicle to approach the soundness of the helicopter.

There is a trick to the entirety of this, in any case. The helicopter doesn’t seem to have any additional weapons or helps. HYPEX, an outstanding Fortnite information excavator, revealed that there weren’t any weapons recorded, and it’s muddled if players can utilize their own weapons while in flight.

As indicated by one of the codes revealed, gamers can bargain 100 purposes of self-harm on the off chance that they impede the turning helicopter sharp edges a powerful measure of damage if players have no shields–and endure an unexpected demise.

It seems like the helicopter may just hold each player in turn, as indicated by the leaker. This will most likely be helpful when it comes to solo matches, yet playing with crews could demonstrate precariously. In the past vehicles normally held around four to suit the transportation of squadmates, however on the off chance that that is not the situation for the helicopters, so there’s no sense in arranging crisis departure runs if partners are outside the circle.