Frank Luntz, Messaging Guru For GOP Was Biden’s Covid Advisor

frank luntz
frank luntz

Republican specialist in communications, Frank Luntz, has shared research for months with Biden’s White House. He has been a great help in developing the strategy to reach people who are refusing to get vaccinated for COVID.

A Surprising Consultant In Frank Luntz

Frank Luntz had invited White House members who were associated with the task force for COVID in focus groups. He was invited by Biden’s White House as well in several calls for briefings as a guest. The calls were held with networks on the TV and discussed how specific terms used on-air can politicize the pandemic. Andy Slavitt, the former task force for Covid senior adviser, reported the involvement of Luntz.

On Wednesday, Frank Luntz was contacted for comments on the matter in London. He scoffed at the people surprised about him helping a White House that belongs to the Democrats. He said that the topic must not be politicized.

Frank Luntz said that Biden’s team did not ask him for anything particular. They had just approached him with the intention of knowing whatever he discovers. He said that Trump had not done that much. Trump apparently had no care for the research that Luntz’s team had begun doing. The White House led by Trump had no interest in it.

Slavitt credited Frank Luntz for giving detailed information on research done in focus groups. It showed them the best ways to talk to people regarding ensuring them of the Covid vaccines’ safety. He said that language used on cable networks was particularly unhelpful for the cause. The use of terms like conservative and Republicans made it even more difficult.

Frank Luntz is possibly the only White House operative who has lent a room for Kevin McCarthy and acted as an advisor for Biden’s White House.

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