6th January Select Panel Sets Date For First Hearing

January 6 Committee
january 6 committee

The 6th January Select Panel investigating the Capitol Riots that happened on the day has set the date for their first hearing. It will be held on 27th July. On Wednesday, leaders of the Democratic Party announced the schedule.

6th January Select Panel Finally Starting To Move

The 6th January Select Panel presently consists of eight lawmakers from the House. It includes seven lawmakers from the Democratic Party and Liz Cheney, the Republican Party’s Wyoming representative. They will hear the testimonies from officers of law enforcement who were physically assaulted by rioters who supported Donald Trump, the former president, as the melee had raged on.

Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the 6th January Select Panel, said last week that they needed to listen to how the officers felt. They will also listen to what the officers were told by the Capitol rioters who were trying their best to get past them.

On 30th June, the House vote regarding the 6th January Select Panel went largely in line with the party lines. The Select Panel was decided upon after the Republicans in the Senate denied legislation that would have created a commission in the style of 9/11. The commission would have investigated how and where the Capitol riot was instigated.

Kevin McCarthy, the leader of the House Minority, can suggest five more members to the 6th January Select Panel. However, in an interview on Tuesday, he admitted that he was unsure over whether he would do so.

McCarthy, similar to the majority of Republicans, has been concerned that Democrats will use the Select Panel to use the Capitol riots as a significant political issue. It is even more potent as the midterm elections approach in the next year. On Tuesday, he said that the panel looked like a committee for impeachment than one for investigating the incident.

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