Fresh Developments In Donald Trump Case Indicate Ongoing Investigation Could Lead To Criminal Cases

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Court papers released by federal prosecutors in the Donald Trump case suggest that new criminal cases could emerge from ongoing investigations. Jack Smith, the special counsel, is leading more than one investigation related to the former president’s activities. The former President was arraigned

The prosecutors who are overseeing the classified documents’ case against Donald Trump revealed in court that they are on the verge of releasing evidence in court as part of the normal discovery process.  Information that contains information linked to the ongoing investigation could incriminate “uncharged individuals.” The court papers offered little explanation about the inquiries. It also gave no indication that they were linked to the indictment charges against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Faces Twin Charges Of Stealing Documents And Backing A Riot

Trump faces charges of withholding, allegedly illegally, dozens of sensitive defense documents. He also faces charges of obstructing federal efforts to retrieve them from his resort in Florida. 

The court papers also did not reveal the identity of the uncharged people. But the mild reference to the persistent investigation is the first direct suggestion that other criminal cases are on the verge of emerging from the investigation by Jack Smith. The special counsel brought the obstruction indictment and the Espionage Act against Donald Trump last week in Miami.

Mr. Smith is also in charge of another investigation that is looking into Donald Trump’s efforts to upturn the election loss in the presidential election in 2020 and the subsequent assault by mobs on the Capitol instigated by him.

People close to Trump are under investigation and have been closely questioned by Mr. Smith and his team in connection with the investigation into both the election interference and the stolen documents in Florida. On Tuesday, Donald Trump pleaded not guilty to thirty-seven charges linked to his stealing of classified documents.