Last Few Days To Claim Stimulus Checks

Stimulus checks

The fourth stimulus check comes with lots of rules and criteria. And one needs to follow that thoroughly in order to claim that the check which has been approved after such a long battle. And have a few days left to file their taxes and receive a handsome amount, which could be beneficial in various ways. However, everything depends on taxpayers’ income status.

An Equal Amount Of Tax Will Be Paid As Stimulus Checks

South Carolina department of revenue has issued a statement for the qualified citizens or taxpayers, who could claim stimulus checks. Many have missed their previous payment which was issued by the federal government in 2020. And the never-ending battle between the democratic party and the republican party has come to a conclusion.

The residents will be paid stimulus checks depending on their taxes, specifically who paid their taxes in 2021. They will be rewarded with $800, and those who have not filed their taxes must do it now. They have given time until 15th February. The rebate will be paid to each individual in March.

If an individual’s annual income is more than, then their amount will be subtracted and will be paid equally as others which is $800.If anyone has paid more taxes they tend to receive the same amount of stimulus checks as per the south Carolina revealed statement.

To receive stimulus checks one must follow the website that has been provided by the state government for further updates(revenue department’s website). residents need a social security number or an individual’s tax identification number, as well as their 10 from their 2021 SC1040. For further assistance, one must try calling 803-722-1958 their helpline number