A New Robert Mueller Will Be Stepping In

Robert Mueller

Federal Bureau of Investigation’s former director Robert Mueller, served in the FBI as a director from 2001-2013.

And later he was in charge of Presidential matters centered around Trump’s campaign in 2017, to examine any kind of Russian involvement with the election. There is a possibility of Jack Smith stepping into Robert Mueller’s shoes regarding this matter. Though Jack Smith also served in the FBI as a director, a few feel he is way behind Mueller.

Robert Mueller Was Nothing Less Than Sword In Trump’s Investigation

Robert Mueller holds a different type of position in the world of justice, thus many are afraid of Smith filling his shoes. However, Smith has been in the prosecution experience for almost three decades now. He served as a lawyer for the state and for the federal government.

He is not behind Mueller, but Mueller holds a public image that smith lacks. Some believe Mueller in any case works as a sword. Diving into Trump’s business cases could be a hard choice for Smith. Mueller in his years of investigation investigated street crimes to bombings, and bank frauds. He established himself as the best of all time and a top-notch member of law enforcement.

Mueller faced a lot of red flags during his days at Trump’s party. Trump previously attempted to destroy Mueller in every way, staying within the administration. Trump launched an ‘all-out public relations assault against Mueller. Trump’s force labeled them as an anti-trump party.

This time Smith will be scrutinized by the Trump party. Smith will be taking notes on Mueller’s mistakes and pitfalls. Mueller operated the Republican Led House and Smith will be doing the same. However, trump’s administration made the situation critical for  Mueller and created a distraction with the investigation, highly likely same will be happening to Smith.