FRIENDS Reunion Is Here To Bring Tears To The Fans’ Eyes


The most awaited piece of entertainment, the FRIENDS Reunion, is finally here. Fans all across the world are caught between going bizarre and crying the heart out. All of the characters, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, Ross, Joey and Rachel are here for the grand reunion. It is scheduled to take place on the 27th of May on the streaming platform, HBO Max. The data got highly manipulated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

FRIENDS Reunion, Relive The Moment

The first trailer of the FRIENDS Reunion that went for about a stretch of two minutes was dropped by the production house, WarnerMedia. Jennifer Anniston, who played the iconic role of the ever-stylish Rachel, gave a statement  with regard to how she felt about meeting her “friends.” The actress said that she could see no other way of going through all those memories again without shedding a tonne of tears.

The entertainment show debuted in the year 1994. As per the trailer, the statement given by Anniston got reiterated. There were so many instances in the FRIENDS Reunion where the cast got emotional as they went through the journey. As they enter the apartment of Monica, played by Courtney Cox, where they spent most of their time, Rachel goes on to ask for the tissue box. 

There are some instances where the FRIENDS Reunion brings out a burst of great laughter like the cast always did as revealed by the trailer. They replay the game from one of the episodes of Season 4, the one that includes the embryo. There is also an interview that is attended by the entire cast hosted by James Cordon. The British host goes on to ask one of the most popular questions from the show concerning Ross and Rachel. Yes! The “we were on a break” still continues to haunt the fans which is evident in the FRIENDS Reunion. Watch the show to know the answer.