Liverpool Have An Overflow Of Talent At Their Youth Division

Liverpool Can Be Restored Under HIm Again?

It must be mentioned that Jurgen Klopp, the current boss of Liverpool, does enjoy quite an abundance of young talent at Anfield. In fact, the Youth division has been overflowing with it for quite some time now, and there are at least five players who are itching to set the big stage on fire.

Needless to say, the German coach is also attuned enough to know which of the kids would be quite instrumental in getting him his second Premier League title. While he is also aware that they won’t be effective alone, he is also looking towards their development as he extended his own contract till 2026. Klopp has already been a witness to how good some of the academy graduates really are- after he fielded several of them against Shrewsbury in the FA Cup. 

Liverpool Has An Exciting Young Team This Season

And yet, the true mark of success would be playing at Liverpool’s Anfield for the first team- day in and day out for the entire season. And mind you, only a select few would be lucky enough to get a spot this season. The foremost among them is Fabio Carvalho. While he is of the same age as a few others who are in the Youth division, there is something about him that assures him of a spot. The young 19-year-old came to Anfield after the Reds paid a sum of 8 million pounds to Fulham. It needs to be seen if he is going to put some worth on his price tag. 

Another player to look out for in Liverpool would be Kaide Gordon, the 18-year-old winger who was bought from Arsenal this year. The starlet has already played in the Premier League for the Gunners and is known for his excellent finishing ability. The former Derby County player was also quite unfazed when playing for the senior team as he scored against Shrewsbury in the FA Cup. While Klopp has been doing all he can to keep Gordon grounded, many members of the club believe he is destined for greatness.