Frustrated With Joe Biden, Pro-Migrant Groups To Seek A Block On Border Expulsion Policy!

Domestic Agenda
Domestic Agenda

A lot of pro-migrant groups seem frustrated with US President Joe Biden and his continued implementation of the inhuman border expulsion policy. The expulsion policy which was first introduced in the Trump era is a disappointment to the pro-migrant groups. The migrant families are looking forward to blocking this policy in court. This is according to the announcement of the groups on Monday. This issue is further deepening the challenges of the President on the border between the US and Mexico

The Order Of The Court Might Come As A Disappointment To Joe Biden!

The usage of the Title 42 order by Joe Biden comes as a disappointment to the pro-migrant groups. This order allows the officials of the US to return migrants to Mexico. It doesn’t provide the migrants with the option of seeking other protections like asylum in the US. This order by Joe Biden seems extremely inhuman to the pro-migrant groups. The order of March 2020 was issued by the CDC. The order was issued giving reasons for public safety and health amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. In October, the order was further updated. 

On Monday, the policy was again reviewed by the CDC. The CDC has finally issued an updated order which seeks to evaluate this order every sixty days, instead of thirty days. The continuation of the order by Joe Biden also formalized the process of granting exceptions and benefits to this order for specific migrants who are currently undertaking tests for Coronaviurus in Mexico. The judgment of the court might complicate the efforts of the administration of Joe Biden in dealing with the twenty-year high regarding migrant arrests that took place near the border. The pro-migrant groups are looking to garner enough public support to block this policy!

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