Lindsey Graham Tests Positive For Coronavirus!

Lindsey Graham
Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham, a Senator, becomes the 1st senator to test positive for Coronavirus. Following his vaccination, Lindsey Graham discloses that he has gotten infected with the deadly Coronavirus. 

Lindsey Graham Becomes First Vaccinated Senator To Test Coronavirus Positive!

On Monday, he added that he is extremely glad about the fact that he has already gotten himself vaccinated, otherwise his symptoms would have turned out to be worse. This news prompted many other lawmakers and politicians to get tested and report on their infection status. A few colleagues of the Senate spent the weekend socializing and working with the Republican of South Carolina.

Lindsey Graham was attending the gathering on the houseboat of Joe Manchin, Senator, the day he first felt the symptoms of the Coronavirus. In his statement of Monday afternoon, Lindsey said that he was having symptoms identical to flu on Saturday night. He decided to visit the doctor on Monday morning. Following the positive test report, Graham promised to spend the next ten days in full quarantine. 

Lindsey Graham, who is now 66 years of age said that in addition to having mild symptoms he also has an infection to his sinus. He talked about how glad he was that he had taken the vaccine. Without his vaccination, he is certain that his symptoms would have turned out to be worse.

According to Kevin Bishop, spokesman, Lindsey Graham was among a lot of senators who managed to attend the Manchin event on Saturday. Manchin’s spokesperson, Sam Runyon said that the Democrat of West Virginia is vaccinated and is currently following the guidelines issued by the CDC when exposed to the infection of Coronavirus from a Coronavirus positive individual. On Monday evening, the senators attending the gathering remained present and managed to vote!