Vladimir Putin’s Call To Citizens To Join The Army

Vladimir Putin

A decree has been signed by Vladimir Putin, the Russian President on Wednesday which declares that Russian citizens who have undergone military training to be inducted into the Russian army to fight Ukraine. 

Vladimir Putin Declares That Russian Citizens Will Be Drafted Into Military

Addressing the country in a televised speech Vladimir Putin called for military reserves and citizens from certain professions having the necessary experience to be drafted for war against Ukraine. 

This came a day later when parts of Ukraine under Russian control experienced the desire to become one with Russia.

The televised announcement on Wednesday came as the country has been suffering setbacks amidst determined counter-offense by Ukrainian forces. Defense Minister of Russia Sergei Shoigu called for 300,000 reserves to hold down the fort in Ukraine.

American President Joe Biden, while addressing the world leaders in the United Nations, accused Russia of violating the UN Charter through its invasion of Ukraine. Bridget Brink, US Ambassador to Ukraine has expressed through her tweets that the US will never recognize the forceful capture of Ukrainian territory by Russian forces.

While addressing the UN General Assembly through video on Wednesday afternoon Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky reached out to the world leaders to punish Russia and call for the supply of more arms and ammunition to recapture lost territories to Russian forces.

In his speech to the nation, Vladimir Putin justified the call for reserves explaining that such a move was required as Ukraine was being supplied with heavy weapons from the West to weaken and destroy Russia.

Putin also spoke about Russia’s duty to protect Ukrainian citizens in the Russian-controlled area of Ukraine, as they hold referendums to join the Russian Federation sometime this week.

Warning the western world and Ukraine, Putin said that the country and its citizens would use all means to defend its country referring to its nuclear weapons.