GasBuddy selling for under $1 per gallon in 13 states as national prices plummet during coronavirus quarantines

A travel and navigation app called GasBuddy recently released data showing a drastic dip in gas prices. 

In the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States has implemented preventive measures, which include social distancing, avoiding crowds, and home quarantine. As a result, the streets are empty and the price of gas has dropped to less than $1 per gallon.

3FQVCUFVOVDOPPNSCM76MRK26M The states which witnessed this drop are Iowa, Wisconsin, New York, Arkansas, Ohio, Colorado, Michigan, Virginia, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kentucky. For the states of Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Wisconsin; this drop was the lowest in a decade. 

GasBuddy’s head petroleum analyst, Patrick De Haan stated, “I fully expect that as many as half of the nation’s states will ultimately see prices fall to at least decade lows, with perhaps most of them ultimately falling to lows not seen since the early 2000’s,” 

The national average last week was $1.87 and the price $2.84 per gallon last year.