Gavin Newsom Faces A Recall For His COVID Performance

California Recall
California Recall

Gavin Newsom, the Democrat, had earlier won the re-election with an overwhelming number of votes in the year 2018. He has recently acknowledged that there have been attempts to remove him from his office.

Recently the coronavirus lockdown period marked its first anniversary and a week after that, Gavin Newsom, Californian Governor, is all set to launch a dynamic campaign in order to defend his seat in the recall election that is now a huge possibility.

Gavin Newsom Faces A Threat To His Seat

Gavin Newsom has mainly withdrawn himself from making any comment on the recall attempt as of now. On the other hand, he has remained focused on his administration work in order to decrease the spread of the COVID-19 virus as well as ensure that 40 million Californian residents are provided with their vaccination doses.

Newsom introduced his anti-recall campaign after the impending deadline on Wednesday asking for the supporters of recall to submit their petitions for a recall in 58 counties. Newsom made a tweet on Monday informing that he intends to remain strong and focused despite the divisive Republican politics. He will fight against it owing to the reason that a lot is at stake on the recall campaign.

The recall supporters have submitted whopping signatures of 2,117,730 on Wednesday. This number greatly exceeds the minimum number of signatures required for a recall.

Newsom himself accepted the fact that the recall might qualify and eventually take place. This recall might emerge as the best opportunity for the Republicans to reclaim their governorship seat that is firmly in control of the Democrats.

The election chief of the state has been assigned time till the 9th of May to notify the counties whether the election is fit or not.

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