Katherine Tai Unanimously Confirmed as US Trade Representative

Katherine Tai
Katherine Tai

On 16th March, Wednesday, the Senate has eventually confirmed that Katherine Tai will be the next trade representative for the United States of America.

Previously, Katherine Tai was the trade lawyer for Congress as well as the administration of former US President, Barack Obama. This confirmation and selection of Katherine Tai by the Senate makes her the very 1st Asian- American along with a colored woman that has held this position in the US.

A Historic Representation By Katherine Tai

Katherine Tai has a lot of expectations as people anticipate her to take inspiration from her previous experiences when she had finalized the trade deal between the US, Mexico, and Canada. She had successfully managed to enforce strict trade laws of the US in the litigating cases of trading against China.

As a result, her nomination had been approved with a unanimous 98 votes that made her the 1st member in the cabinet of President Joe Biden who has been confirmed without any opposition vote.

Tai has already taken the role of the trade representative after the stance of the Democratic Party on the policies of trade had shifted from the traditional path of goods and services towards the improvement of the economic growth.

On the other hand, both the Republicans and the Democrats have excessively criticized the disadvantageous trade deals of the past that have definitely been beneficial for some Americans but left several others struggling and unemployed.

During her testimony, Tai has vouched that she will take the correct measures to break these past policies which have aggravated inequality. She has also suggested prioritizing the enforcement of American trade policies that will protect the vulnerable workers.

In the forthcoming months, Tai will face some major decision-making in relation to China.