Georgia Bulldogs Pulls Another String, Unaware Of The Consequences

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One of the honorable invitations could be at the White House. The Georgia Bulldogs have turned it down. The coach believes there will not be negative consequences. It’s just that they are busy with their schedule. The invitation came on 3rd May for the 12th June invitation.

 They didn’t immediately decline it. They have stated their reasons for absence. June is supposedly the busiest time of the year for the football players. It won’t be feasible for them to join President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden.

A Surprise Invitation For The Georgia Bulldogs

They have turned it down. They apologized for the absence of the upcoming invitation next month.

It’s just the Georgia Bulldogs are totally focused on their practice this summer. In winter it usually gets difficult to practice outside with snow and cold weather.

This summer they are going to utilize it to the full.

Previously the Georgia bulldogs won the trophy, yet again they didn’t visit the White House.

Even not the Alabama Crimson Tide. They won the trophy in 2020, but they didn’t visit the White House either. It was probably because of the covid-19 pandemic. There were restrictions. In 2020 the Louisiana State University Tiger won and they did visit the White House that time.

This year Georgia Bulldogs started by beating the Texas University football team Horned Frogs 65-7.

In a recent play, they again beat them 15-0. They have won the national championship trophy this year, hence the invitation.

The Georgia Bulldogs aren’t the only team who have received the invitation.

The White House is also hosting a dinner for the Louisiana State University Tigers women’s basketball team on 26th May.

The University of Huskies Connecticut men’s basketball team will be joining them.

Two back-to-back ceremonies.

Probably the busiest time for the President and First Lady. Young aspiring players will be joining them. It’s to honor their national championship title.