Which are the sports that most Americans bet on?

ASU Football
ASU Football

People from all over the world bet on different sports. Thanks to the numerous online bookies, we just need to have a PC, smartphone, or tablet, as well as a decent internet connection, and we can bet on the things we like, regardless of where we are.

Even though most punters like soccer, there are some countries, such as the USA, where this sport is not usually the go-to betting option. Although it’s popular, most U.S. punters prefer other things.

Generally speaking, the sports betting industry in this country is still not as big as other places around the world. However, many states will soon allow their residents to punt on sports, which is why we’ve decided to show you which are the most popular sports that Americans bet on.


It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Basketball gets the first spot on our list. The USA is home to the National Basketball Association (NBA), the most popular basketball league globally.

The good news is that most licensed bookmakers in the USA, according to Silentbet, have included basketball as an option on their websites. So, once you open an account, head over to the sportsbook to see the available options.

American Football

This sport became popular back in 1869, and since then, it is among the most beloved sports in the USA. The National Football League (NFL) has millions of fans, which is why every U.S. bookie covers multiple NFL matches.

Besides being popular, punters like this sport because some bookmakers have exclusive bonuses for it. So, if you want to check whether the given operator you’ve chosen has any American football promotions, head over to the bonus section.

If you find something you like, go through the T&C before you start using it because there could be specific requirements that you need to comply with.


Apart from basketball, baseball is probably one of the most popular U.S. sports overseas. Needless to say, many people like betting on this sport because it’s famous for having incredible live markets.

Nevertheless, you can only take advantage of those markets if your preferred bookie has a live section. So, take a look at every available betting feature before you start wagering.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockeys plays a significant role in the US and Canada, which is why millions of people watch some of the biggest competitions, such as the NHL Stanley Cup. Apart from being fun to watch, this sport also has good sports betting odds.

However, predicting Ice Hockey matches is easier said than done. There are many things that could go wrong, so you need to be familiar with a lot of things before placing a bet.


The top US bookmakers have way more sports to choose from than the things we’ve mentioned in this article. So, browse through the sportsbooks, and once you find something that sparks your interest, check the available markets.