Georgia Voting Laws, Is There A Positive Side To It?

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The Georgia voting laws recently got passed in the state. As per the laws, the early voting system of the state got formalized. The reaction of Joe Biden, the president of the country with regard to the law was that of an uncharacteristic vehemence. The newly passed law has faced criticism from the people. The reason for this is because it makes an attempt to suppress the votes. This is what the critics say. Harsh criticism is flowing from countries that are populated by a large number of people belonging to the community of the Black.

Georgia Voting Laws; Why Is It Criticized?

When it comes to the Georgia voting laws, there are certain parts that, when seen from a rational viewpoint, can appear to be a change that is a net negative and net positive. And there are points that can be argued over it. However, the centre of the conversation is more inclined towards “deception.” To be precise, the deception revolves around the misinformation according to which there is a limited time when it comes to the hours of voting.

President Joe Biden gave a statement following the passing of the Georgia voting laws. He called the entire legal initiative to be “un-American.” It was stated that the bill caused him a lot of worries. He called it “sick.” President Biden added that according to the law, the voting system will now end at 5 in the evening. And that is the time when a majority of people will still not be done with work.

On the 26th of March, President Biden claimed the fact that the Georgia voting laws were implemented in order to prevent the working people from casting their vote, this is because the voting will be stopped by the time they are done with their work shift.

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