Germany Ends American Run In FIBA World Cup

FIBA World Cup

Germany upset the USA by 113 to 111 points in the semifinal of the FIBA World Cup. For the 2nd time in a row, the basketball powerhouse may return home empty-handed. The Germans, on the other hand, are a win away from taking the cup. Andreas Obst was the highest scorer with 24. Franz Wagner contributed with 22. The Germans scored more than any other team ever had in a team that included NBA players. Steve Kerr, the US coach, said that despite being worthy of being the champion, the American team just did not get down to the job. And questions are sure to start flying once the team returns home.

Other top teams have caught up with the US where once there used to exist a vast chasm. The American basketball team might have bagged the last 4 Olympic golds, but they have lost out on the top spot in the last two FIBA World Cups. US captain and guard Jalen Brunson termed it terrible.

Germany Is The Only Undefeated Team At The 2023 FIBA World Cup

Germany is the last team to remain undefeated and have an enviable 7-0 record. They play Serbia this Sunday for the FIBA World Cup. Serbia advanced to the finals beating Canada. It is their time in the finals of the FIBA World Cup in the last 3 editions. It went down 129-92 to the Americans in 2014. Canada will vie for the third spot against the US on the same day as the finals.

Obst was the star of the night and hit a 3-pointer as 1:15 minutes remained on the clock. This pushed Germany 4 points ahead and ended a last-gasp effort by the Americans. The Germans remained ahead on points for 75% of the 40 minutes. The Americans were ahead for less than five minutes. German manager Gordie Herbert stressed that the boys played as a team and stayed together even when the going was tough. The Americans nearly staged a comeback in the fourth quarter despite being down by ten points. But they never managed to go ahead in the end.