Ghostbusters 4 Could Face Problems On Multiple Fronts


Ghostbusters 4, if it hits the screen will have major issues on many fronts that include the composition of its ghosts and even the final aim of the team. The current trend in the industry is to go for reboots. It affected even Ghostbusters and it too had a couple.

The first Ghostbuster reboot was in 2016. Paul Feig was in the director’s chair. But its failure prompted the franchise to reboot a second time. This time it was with Ghostbusters: Afterlife with Jason Reitman at the helm.

Ghostbuster: Afterlife was finally released this year after a brief delay of 2 days. The movie is set three decades later after the second installment of the movie. It follows Callie, a single mother (Carrie Coon), who along with her children, Phoebe (McKenna Grace), and Trevor (played by Finn Wolfhard) move to a farm in Oklahoma after being forced out of their home. Her home in Summerville is an inheritance from Callie’s father, Egon Spengler, the original buster.

The town suddenly faces a sequence of unexpected earthquakes plus other abnormal activities.  The children, Phoebe and Trevor come to know about their family’s involvement with the original team of Ghostbusters. They decide to carry on with their legacy and get involved in the unusual events that are troubling Summerville.

The New Generation Of Ghostbusters Are Supported By The Original Team

The new generation team of Ghostbusters uses equipment used by the original team. They are joined by new friends Lucky and Podcast. Mr. Grooberson, a local seismologist also joins the team. The kids also come to know of an enormous danger that is linked to the old team.

The main villain in Ghost: Busters ultimately turns is Gozer (Olivia Wilde). There are the minions, the Gatekeeper, Zuul, and Vinz the Keymaster.

There are also new ghosts in this sequel including Mini-puffs and Muncher, but they are all finally overwhelmed.

The new generation of Ghostbusters is assisted by a last-minute entry of the original team and the ghost of Egon, Callie’s father.

Ghostbusters 4 would face the problem of not having any of the original ghosts as they have all been defeated. The creators would have to bring in something believable even by the standards of the Ghostbusters universe.

The major challenge would be for the team to find a fresh storyline without the script seeming forced. Ghostbusters: Avengers has done well at the box office, and it remains to be seen how the new generation of busters manage to match the enormous legacy of the originals if there is a sequel.

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