Jamie Foxx Faces Sexual Assault Charges

Jamie Foxx

An unnamed woman has filed a lawsuit alleging Jamie Foxx sexually attacked her in New York City. She alleged that the actor, comedian, and singer attacked her sexually at a bar. Jamie Foxx has flatly denied the allegation and has maintained that the incident never happened.

The woman filed the charge in Manhattan’s New York Supreme Court. Her identity has been kept anonymous, and she has been referred to simply as Jane Doe. She alleged in court that Foxx inappropriately touched her breasts, and groped her in her private parts despite resisting.

In her suit, she alleged that she was with a friend and was at a table near where Jamie Foxx was seated. She had approached the actor for a picture and had taken several. But she alleges that later he began by mentioning her looks, including comments on her looks and body. Jamie Foxx allegedly compared her looks to that of Gabrielle Union.

Jamie Foxx Has Let Known Through A Statement That The Alleged Incident Never Happened

The woman alleged in her lawsuit that Foxx then proceeded to grab her by her hand and forced her to accompany him to a secluded spot where he tried to fondle her and inappropriately touch her private parts.

The woman alleged that when she sought to drag herself away, he even placed his hands inside her most intimate private parts. Jamie Foxx only stopped when her friend found her out. Only then did she manage to walk away from him.

Foxx has routed a statement to CBS stating that the allegations had never happened, indicating that the woman was making wild allegations against him. The statement by Jamie Foxx stated that the same individual had filed an identical complaint in Brooklyn. But the case was then dismissed. Foxx is firm on pursuing a case of malicious suit against the woman.