Biden Is Disturbed By Partisanship In Washington In First Late Night With Jimmy Fallon


Joe Biden made his first appearance on a late-night TV show. And the US President touched on multiple topics from his approval rations to the touchy issue of vaccinations and the mandate. At The Tonight Show, he also joked with Jimmy Fallon about his total lack of cooking skills while also touching about the lack of bipartisanship in Washington.

Biden lamented that hyper-partisanship was now the rule in Washington politics. He said that while he always had an affable relationship with Republican politicians, it has become awfully hard of late with the ‘Big Lie.’

Biden told the host how QAnon and other extreme elements in the GOP who Donald Trump seems to feed with his lies seemed to be the dominant force. And that makes it awful hard to keep up with the cordiality that existed between politicians in Washington from the opposing sides.

Joe Biden Cited His Relationship With Bob Dole As An Example Of The Cordiality That Once Defined Politics In Washington

Joe Biden gave the example of the relationship between him and Bob Dole. He said that they disagreed on a lot, but that did not from hampering them from being friends. He said that one of the reasons for him being late was he was doing Dole eulogy.  

Jimmy Fallon complimented the President for bringing the class back to Washington. When pressed by Fallon if he still paid attention to ratings, Joe Biden said in a sardonic tone, ‘not anymore.’ He joked that he paid attention as long as it was in the mid-60s. now that it had fallen to around 40, he doesn’t pay attention to them anymore.

He was worried about the flow of disinformation that was confusing people. The inaccurate rate information was keeping people afraid and worried.

He acknowledged that inflation was a reality that has to be tackled but pointed to encouraging signs like the prices of gas.

Biden harped on the infrastructure bill and the changes it would bring in society. He said that America used to have the best infrastructure in the world. And now it has been pushed to 13th place.

He spoke of some personal experience. Like living in Washington in the White House. He said that and his wife were not used to people waiting on them.