Giants, Dodgers Players The Butt Of Jokes After High-End Collision At First Base

Friday night’s Giant-Dodgers game held in Los Angeles stirred quite a laugh after Chris Taylor’s massive crash into the backside of Pablo Sandoval. Both the players tumbled down after the crash but not before they became the butt of jokes.

The video of the crash has gone viral and Chris Taylor colliding face-first into the 268 pounds Sandoval, aka Kung Fu Panda, has become quite the laughingstock in the sporting community.

The stadium was empty during the game. However, the video of the crash has gone viral on the internet and has been effectively turned into a meme.

The crash happened when Taylor was running towards first and Sandoval leaped in the air to catch a high throw. But the timing went wrong for both the players.

Social media users have enjoyed the moment to a great deal as it was posted and reposted by fans and celebrities.

The crash however was not a major one. Taylor remained in the game even after that and the Dodgers bagged victory after beating the Giants 9-1.

After the game, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts quipped, “Pablo is like a fire hydrant. I don’t like that matchup,” according to the Dodgersway website.


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