Suburban Americans should reject Trump’s regressive housing offerings

In a tweet, President Donald Trump stated that he was willing to put an end to the housing rule of federal and to further promote Fair Housing. This had been requested by very many Americans especially by the residents of the suburbs. President Trump ended tweeting one Thursday that suburban Americans were willing to have fair housing.

The President had shown inclination of going back to a racist past which he wished to bring back. It would be best to reject the suggestion of the President vehemently so that such prospects could be averted.

America had been a structurally racist country. Structural racism refers to the racial discrimination of African Americans in very many ways. This recent proposal by President Trump provides evidence that the racist past is again on the verge of being repeatedly.

Many protests have taken place regarding the proposal by President Trump. Almost 700 people became a part of the protest where they marched and demonstrated that white lives matter. 

Similarly, a Newsday survey of Long Islanders ages 18 to 34 revealed that 82 percent feel positive about the region’s growing diversity, 77 percent believe that diversity in schools is important, and 68 percent feel that racial and ethnic diversity is important. 

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