Golden Globe Goes Ahead With Nomination In A Scandal Ridden Year Of Countless Controversies

Golden Globe
Golden Globe

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the annual Golden Globe Awards face a host of allegations that include racist nominations, ignoring female filmmakers, watching movies within their comfort zone, an affliction for celebrity, and love for swag. Yes, it is that close to being held with no one around the world caring about it.

It was canceled by NBC in 2022 after it was mired in controversy. But the opening of the awards season go underway as the HFPA announced the 78th annual Golden Globe awards.

an award-winning showrunner dismissed the whole episode as a joke, and a pitiful attempt to garner credibility after seeing the spurious live broadcast from the Hilton in Beverly. Even setting aside the cultural issues, the show wasn’t confidence-inducing.

People at the HFPA assured that the plans for the January 9 ceremony will not be a repeat of a press conference. But given the circumstances, 2008 would seem to be a better year in comparison.

The show started minutes behind the schedule which was 6 a.m. the affair was shorter than 20 minutes and had little star power or any production value; a no-show, in short.

The nominations were announced by Helen Hoehne, the HFPA president, and the ever-reliable Snoop Dogg. The whole focus of the event staged at pre-dawn seemed to be showing continuity and an attempt to come out of the past year’s chaos.

The Nominations Marked A Desperate Attempt By The Golden Globes To Leave The Past Behind

Today’s nominations could end up as a day of guilt and shame than a mark of pride or expression. The last few months have been horrendous after the overwhelming boycott by Hollywood and a lack of a broadcast platform. Being another year off-radar would have spelled doom for the Golden Globe, and the HFPA realizes just that.

The ostracism within the HFPA is apparent when the group was forced to do away with their own rules that stated that a submission was necessary to be considered for the Globes.

The HFPA is frantically trying to present a successful show without the support of a broadcaster. They hope to coerce an industry desperate for trophies to come up with a modicum of support.

The low-key affair was a clear and desperate attempt by the Globes to present a new face as it talked about working tirelessly to be a better organization.