Tyler Perry Revealed The Secret

tyler perry

 With everything that has been going on with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, someone along the way achieved a huge responsibility, Tyler perry. Who has a very good bonding with the couple. They have made him their daughter Lilibet Diana’s godfather. And Tyler feels blessed.

Tyler Perry Was Given The Title Of Godfather

Prince Harry and Meghan called him up to let him know their decision, as Tyler said they sounded pretty serious, they created suspense and later surprised him with such a huge responsibility. However, he wasn’t comfortable going to the UK to perform whatever ceremony needed to be performed and if it happened in the USA there would be no problem. Tyler has praised Meghan for being such a strong woman, who got everything she wanted.

Tyler Perry also appeared in the series that Netflix series released a few days back, and Meghan found comfort in Tyler. They share a great bond, he comforted her and supported her through thick and thin. The media have traumatized her badly not only her family turned into strangers. Most of them envied her happiness because she got involved with a Prince and not only that with Suits she received great fame.

Tyler Perry felt somewhere felt Meghan was abused somewhere and she wasn’t doing well in the palace. The palace was hurting them, and she was scared to death that would drive her crazy. Prince Harry was abused in his own birthplace. And Prince Harry’s drastic move leaving the palace Tyler applauded.

Both Meghan and Harry left the UK in a hurry and they had no place to live in Los Angeles. Tyler was the one who gave them shelter when Archie was little. And they felt at peace at Tyler’s home, away from the media and everything lived a normal life. They felt at peace and Tyler Perry was beyond happy he was able to provide that.