Golden Globes 2021 Was A Show Of Grief & Glitz

golden globes 2021
golden globes 2021

The Golden Globes 2021 has been a rocky one, not merely because it was an utterly virtual show. Not because the virtual show faced several technical glitches while on air. Also, not because Hollywood Foreign Press has been the target of several media headlines where it has been told off for its lack of inclusivity. But the show itself reeled of grief and showed that something as big and glamorous as Hollywood could also be stricken down like this. The ceremony also held itself, although it happened just a handful of days after which more than 5,00,000 people were reported dead due to the coronavirus. 

There were also small moments of major political activism by the industry’s most activism-inspired actors. The HFP itself donated an amount to actor Sean Penn’s CORE, a not-for-profit organization. CORE stands for Community Organized Relief Effort. It saw the light of day back in 2010. The idea behind it was to raise for the Haiti earthquake. But it has been at the forefront of tackling the Covid-19 pandemic. Sean Penn made an appeal to several of the viewers at home to support the vaccination & testing of coronavirus. 

Golden Globes 2021 Notable Winner’s 

Regardless of it all, the Golden Globes 2021 was a star-studded show. Several new winners won their first-ever Golden Globe, like Anya Taylor-John, who won a title from the two she got a nod for. Chadwick Boseman posthumously received an award that was accepted by his widow. Taylor Simone said that Boseman “would have said something beautiful” or even “inspiring.” He won the Best Actor in a drama. 

Chloé Zhao won the coveted Best Director at the Golden Globes 2021. In her speech, she spoke about the pandemic and the problems the world was facing, relating it to her film’s subject— Nomadland. She said that the film was a “pilgrimage” throughout the “grief & healing.” 

She ended the speech by saying that she doesn’t end on goodbye. She says that she’ll see us “down the road.”