Golden State Warriors’ Big Three Say NBA Title Feels ‘Different’

Golden State Warriors

As time ran out in Match 6 of the Nba Playoffs between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics, Stephen Curry sat on the baseline and put his head in his hands.

Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole embraced for a lengthy time in the middle of the floor. Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala embraced after trading high fives on the left side of the floor.

With a win of 103-90 on Thursday, the Golden State Warriors were two points away from claiming their fourth NBA championship in the last eight years.

This Win Feels Different For Golden State Warriors

Curry, Green, and Thompson are used to the emotional afterglow of a championship victory. This title, this time, though, seemed special.

The Warriors’ 2018 championship win made them the first club in NBA history to go from the lowest record to the crown in only three seasons. Worst in the league, they went 15-50 this season.

One of the darkest and most devastating nights in Warriors history was their previous Game 6 of the Finals. The title was lost that night. For this superteam, it was their last game ever. Thompson’s left ACL was torn that night, so it was a big deal.

Thompson, who destroyed his right Achilles tendon in the autumn of 2020, had just recently begun running when this time of year rolled around the year before. However, Thompson stayed on the trophy presentation platform long after the conclusion of Game 6 of this year’s Finals.

According to Thompson, “I was feeling absolutely wonderful.”

Before Klay Thompson’s comeback, the Warriors’ championship hopes were prefaced with “once Klay returns,” but Thompson already had faith in his squad.

Thompson and Curry, though, have not forgotten the naysayers.