Victoria’s Secret Launches Fresh Set Of Sensible Initiatives

Victoria's Secret
Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret, one of the world’s most popular lingerie and clothing companies, is going through a makeover. This Wednesday, an announcement came stating that the company has rebranded itself by bringing about a few major changes. They include the two fresh initiatives of Global Fund for Women’s Cancers and “The VS Collective.” In the press release that was held, the company gave away a couple of names who would be an important part of the new initiative. As per their statement, the “VS Collective” consists of celebrities like Megan Riponoe, Priyanka Chopra, and many more “accomplished women” who have a common set of beliefs concerning that of “positive change,”

Victoria’s Secret’s On Women’s Contribution 

This new set of initiatives have been introduced two years post the disposal of the “Angel title” by Victoria’s Secret. Following that, the show of the company also got canceled in the year 2019. The reason behind the cancellation was criticism that they faced on the subject of inclusivity on the runway. Critics stated that they did not celebrate those models who belonged to different sizes as well as backgrounds.

The “Global Fund for Women’s Cancer” initiative of the company is set to make donations of a total of at least 5 million USD per annum as per the statement given in the press release. The idea behind this is to examine and work on the matter of gender and racial inequities. In addition to that, this new initiative of Victoria’s Secret is also aimed at tapping new innovations that work on women cancer patients. 

The VS Collective of Victoria’s Secret on the other hand is set to work collectively to produce things like inspiring and compelling content, revolutionary products, associate programs, and also to provide a basis for those causes that are important for the benefit of women.