It Is A Gonzaga Versus Baylor Rare Combat Meeting Of Top 2


Week 1 of the season of college basketball was packed full of thrilling games, some disappointments, astounding performances as well as a few COVID-19 eliminations. Gonzaga has occupied the top spot while Baylor is in the second position. As a result, the upcoming match is going to be an unusual treat of #1 vs #2.

Gonzaga and Baylor are gearing up for the most anticipated match of the season in Indianapolis to be held on the 5th of December, Saturday as this will also be the 9th face-off of the two best teams in the AP Top-25 after a long span of 15 years.

Michigan State is leading the scoreboard and Kentucky is next in position, having a face-off in the previous season. This was a #1 vs #2 match in which Wildcats emerged as winners.

Gonzaga VS Baylor

Both Zags and Bears sealed their showdown for the top spot after winning the game on Wednesday.

Gonzaga successfully blew apart his first couple of opponents and defeated Kansas as well as Auburn with 35 combined points.

However, Zags had to face a tougher competition against West Virginia on the night of Wednesday at Indianapolis. W. Virginia hindered the Zags during the entire 1st half as Gonzaga was challenged by Jalen Scruggs, a talented freshman who injured his left foot.

Ultimately, the Zags managed to hold tight to their victory with a score of 87-82.

After the Bears also won the very exciting game against Illinois on Wednesday, they are preparing for the showdown.

So viewers are excited to watch the showdown for the No. 1 position.

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