Hunter Biden Calling For Criminal Probe In Aggressive New Legal Strategy

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden

Attorney of Hunter Biden in last Wednesday has pleaded to the state to check the matter with Rudy Giuliani. As per news, he is a owner of a shop for computer repairs , and several right-wing politicians who were involved in spreading the contents of the computer. They claimed that these individuals had broken computer laws and other laws in an effort to utilize the contents of the laptop against the president.

President Mr. Biden’s son as well as his team of lawyers have openly confirmed the allegations, which were made in writings to the attorney general of Delaware, the Judicial Department’s Homeland Security Section, and the Internal Revenue Service, for the 1st time. They claim that his personal details was discovered on a computer left at the repair shop of the state. His attorneys disagreed, claiming that their latest outreach did not validate the story about the laptop that has going around on the right.

Hunter Biden Called In For Criminal Investigation:

The letters represent a significant shift in Hunter Biden’s approach with the hiring of new attorneys to assist in his defense amidst an onslaught of accusations from Repubs who wanted to exploit his domestic drug usage and legislative inquiries into his business transactions to discredit the president. An federal criminal probe currently ongoing into tax matters and other matters is also pending against Hunter Biden.

In parallel to the complaints to the govt organizations, Biden’s attorneys on Wednesday submitted a cease-and-desist statement to Media and Fox network’s anchor Tucker Carlson, requesting that the network withdraw a report that they claim is untrue. Fox News has been contacted by CNN for comment.

Hunter Biden’s lawyers charge John Paul Mac Isaac, the founder of a computer shop, with gaining entry to the computer and giving the New York Post full rights to its components for a story that appeared in the weeks preceding to the 2020 election.