GOOG Has A Buy Rating By Brokerages


The stocks of GOOG have been given a buy rating by around twenty-four different analysts who have been covering the firm. According to a report, two of the analysts covering the firm have already given it a rating of hold, while nineteen others have provided the company with a rating of buy. Currently, the price target for the firm over a period of a single year has been $2,225.

The Stock Commentary Of GOOG

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of GOOG. The Goldman Sachs Group has already brought out its rating of buy in a 3rd February research report. Credit Suisse Group has also brought out a rating of buy in a 3rd February research report.

Citigroup has reiterated its rating of buy in a 12th February research report. Jefferies Financial Group has increased the price target from $2,150 to $2,400 in a 3rd February research report. In the end, Mizuho Securities was one of the last companies to increase the price target to $2,350 with a buy rating in a 3rd February research report. 

The stocks of GOOG traded on Monday at $2,137.75. The current ratio of the company is 3.41, while the quick ratio of the company is 3.39, with a 0.07 debt-to-equity ratio. The market cap of the firm is $1.44 trillion, with a 41.31 PE ratio, and a 1.66 PEG ratio, along with a 0.98 beta. The year low of the company is $1,079.81 with a year high of $2,152.68. The moving average price of GOOG over a period of 50 days is $2,071.37, with a moving average price of $1,803.06 over 200 days. 

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