Eduardo Rodriguez Signs For The Detroit Tigers

Eduardo Rodriguez
Eduardo Rodriguez

Eduardo Rodriguez has been roped in by the Detroit Tigers. The Tigers have been on the prowl ever since the transfer window has been opened. They are well on track to make the best team of the season. The Tigers have so far got hold of some great athletes. They hope that their new signings will bolster their team strength. Detroit is desperate to win the championship after a long time. 

The latest surprise they pulled out is the transfer of Eduardo. He has been one of the most famous faces at the moment. Rodriguez has an enviable CV and used to play for the Boston Red Sox. This transfer is the biggest one as far as free agents are concerned. He is expected to play as per his potential. The team has a very high expectation from Eduardo Rodriguez. Rodriguez is well aware of that and is excited to don a new color on his jersey. Let us find out more about the transfer in detail below. 

Eduardo Rodriguez Traded To Detroit 

The rest of the teams must pull their socks now. Otherwise, the Detroits will be running away with the biggest transfers. The Tigers have already made some of the biggest signings. Eduardo Rodriguez has just been added to the list. He was one of the most important members of the Red Sox on the left-hand side. A whopping amount of 77 million dollars is being offered to the athlete. The contract has been agreed upon for five years. 

Rodriguez had a great time with Boston. He guided the team to victory in the year 2018. He has made the first team on 153 occasions. With the passage of time, Eduardo Rodriguez has improved a lot. He will surely be looked up to by the Detroits. It remains to be seen how he performs for his new team.