‘Scream’ Almost Got Scrapped After Scene 1 Filming


Scream has been one of the greatest thriller movies made. It ranks quite high and the fans love the film. The suspense thriller was written by Kevin Williamson. The movie was ably directed by Wes Craven. The movie focuses on the central character of Sydney Prescott. She was portrayed as a student from high school. 

The location of Scream was set in the imaginary city of Woodsboro. Prescott became the target of a psychopath killer who was addressed as “Ghostface”. The movie had a well-equipped lineup of casts. Names like Courtney Cox, Drew Barrymore & David Arquette are featured in the film. The movie was released in the year 1996 and was praised significantly.

 Most critics termed Scream as unique. However, the film had every possibility of not making it to the theatres in the first place. A recent revelation stated that the movie was on the verge of being scrapped. Let us learn more about the story below. 

Scream Was Ahead Of Its Time, Says Casts

The iconic movie completed twenty-five years in 2021. However, things were not rosy for the movie makers initially. After the shooting of just the first scene, the production of the film came to a screech. The initial take was not liked by the cast and crew. Moreover, the directors also had clashing dates with two of their main characters. Both Courtney Cox & Drew Barrymore were busy with their small screen engagements. The duo appeared in ” Friends” & ” Party Of Five”. 

 Fortunately, the cast decided to go on with the movie. This helped the directors to create a movie that was very much different from the traditional one. Scream did not follow the path of a conventional horror movie. It came with a flair of its own that made Scream such a hit.