Quite A Gore Theme For The New Album Of Kim Petras

kim petras

The 30 years old German Singer Kim Petras has chosen the theme for her upcoming album, Gore. The battle, a sword from the medieval age. Battlefield with rocks perhaps. She dropped hints of her upcoming album ‘ Feed the Beast’ on June 23rd. This is her first debut album in her career. 

She definitely released albums before but always with partners. She has released a bunch of EPs previously.  Also compilation albums for the last couple of years. It’s not only her who has been eagerly waiting for this album but also her fans.

Second Billboard Hit Awaits For Kim Petras

She is none other than an Unholy singer. She did a duet with Sam Smith. Immediately after release it hit the Billboard Hot 100. It reached the number-one spot within days. Kim Petras and Sam Smith couldn’t believe it at the beginning. Sam Smith later shared their reaction on the red carpet.

That red carpet look of Sam Smith took the internet by storm. They criticized and made fun of. However, Feed The Beast is going to be Kim Petras’s first-ever single album. There are tracks where some famous voices joined her like Nicki Minaj. Kim Petras first thought she would name the album Problematique.

But definitely, Problematique had several problems which were supposed to be released last year. Like every other artist, she did use social media for marketing. Previously Petras posted a photo of old rusty photos of knights’ helmets with swords. Knights’ helmets were with metal shields, exactly those used in battles. The photo consists of three different types of swords. In this album, the track Alone is sung by Kim Petras and Nicki Minaj.