Update on stimulus checks: These states may provide direct payments valued up to $1,500

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The maximum sum one can earn from these stimulus check payments is approx $1,500, and numerous states are already or will be in the upcoming weeks issuing payments to qualified residents.

Following States To Provide Stimulus Checks


According to the Georgia Department of Revenue, citizens of the gorgeous Peach State would get money this month from an extra tax refund in the form of stimulus checks that will give around $250 to individual taxpayers, around $375 to those who are the head of their families, and around $500 to couples who file together. A receiver must have submitted their revenue tax rebate by the 18th April deadline for the tax years 2021 and 2022 to be qualified for this refund. The individual must also be a resident of Georgia.


In January, Maine started disbursing funds under its Emergency Relief Plan during Winters. Individual beneficiaries receive $450 in compensation, while married couples filing jointly with an individual revenue tax rebate receive $900. Within March 31, all stimulus checks were anticipated to have been sent via mail, you can contact there if you have not yet received yours. 

New Jersey 

Most of New Jersey’s funds from its ANJCH coupled with the Renters program have already been distributed. If a homeowner’s yearly income has settled between around $150,001 to approx $250,000, they will receive a stimulus check of $1,500, and if it is less than that, they will receive a stimulus check of about $1,000. While receiving $450, renters receive a small portion of what their homeowner counterparts do.

New Mexico

Mid-June is when New Mexicans may expect their tax refund. As per New Mexico Taxation & Revenue, the payouts will total $1,000 for collective taxpayers and $500 for single filers.