Gorilla Glue Girl And The Internet’s Empathy

Gorilla Glue Girl
Gorilla Glue Girl

Gorilla glue girl has been the favorite topic of the internet for the past week. Who is she? How can someone on the internet not know Tessica Brown? Her video using the industrial glue has gone viral, all-out viral. It garnered millions of views in such a short amount of time. The young woman named is from Louisiana. She became famous or viral after she perhaps mixed up the worst of all hair care ever. She grabbed a spray of the glue and sprayed it all over her hair, and it is as hilarious and scary as it sounds. 

The result was not pretty. Following the incident she posted online, her hair became a hairy helmet. And as expected, it was impenetrable. Within some time, her videos about the moment sparked massive views. People have now become obsessed with the situation of the young woman. But the reaction online was more than rolling their eyes or just feeling bad or nasty. Empathy or Cynicism were the choices to it. And people dived into both, as they often do seeing someone carry out poor mistakes or unfortunate moments. 

Reaction To The Gorilla Glue Girl

The Gorilla Glue Girl generated thousands of laughs and funny moments in the comment section of her post. But a majority of people seemed to have genuinely felt bad for her. Many of the viewers gave their opinions and wrote supportive messages, as well as remedies to help her out. The section quickly became a place to brainstorm their ideas of helping Tessica Brown out. 

Famous people like Chance The Rapper also commented on the post. He mentioned how glad he was since people were not just poking out fun at her mishap. He felt for the Gorilla Glue Girl, considering the amount of distress she was in. Also, we live in a time when someone super gluing their hair may just not be the end of the world.